NIS Data Science

Mobile operators require real-time and high quality data to unleash the meaningful insights and gain intelligence in the network for the success of the business. NIS provides a cost effective, real-time big data analytics and management solution that enable mobile operators to manage their diverse data sources and network assets effectively and thus enhance their customer experience.

NIS Data Science is a big data analytic platform that provides mobile operators to integrate, visualize and analyze the rapidly growing data in real time on a single platform. The platform has machine learning readiness for data modeling, forecasting and anomalies detection.

Network Efficiency Need Not be costly

Telco network is very complex and expensive now, stretching from different technologies with multiple vendors across the network. Complexity to gain visualization of network increases when there is different access system or interface to the various network domains and elements. Simplification is the answer to eliminate the extensive workforce energy spent on manual work and training for different access system. NIS deliver a stable, single platform implementation to cater for your performance management of network, with no upfront risk and at a fraction of your current cost. You will gain immediate ROI with our solution.

Minimum Investment

SaaS model enable customer to pay as you use. The cost involve is just a fraction of what is being paid today to your vendor.

Cloud Solution

Cloud solution with the flexibility to work within your enterprise architecture or can be deployed to a private or public cloud.

Fast Deployment

Standard out of the box package with built in visualization for your network. Minimum customization required.

Open Source

Enable engineers to add in modules to run analytics. Plugin modules can be written with Node JS.

Powerful Backend

Data ETL is running on Hadoop platform with fast and scalable database. Expansion shall be seamless.

Simple to Use

Visualizations can be built on the fly and it could be parked into any dashboard for real time monitoring.


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NIS Network Performance Management Solution


We take Network Efficiency to a new level, with a platform that give you visibility of network performance, configuration, fault and analytics capability to manage and drive complex network. One single-platform solution for your multi-vendors, multi-technologies and multi-domains network environment, eliminates the high cost of managing multiples data access system and tedious manual work of reporting from different systems. Our solution boosts network efficiency and empower users to make real-time data driven decision and operational action. The real-time dashboard provides end-to-end network visibility and analysis, and correlation across performance, configuration and fault management data.