Innovative, cutting edge and affordable solution

Network Performance Management Solution

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Real Time

Latest and fastest real time big data analytics platform


Fast and scalable deployment to either private or public cloud

Low Risk

Very little upfront risk with just a fraction of current cost

Total Visibility

End to end visibility across your complex network and domain

The problems that bring you here.

Too much data?

Clueless on data correlation from multiple databases.

SQL database is too slow.

Unable to try out different correlation methods.

Small Budget?

Too little budget as company is cutting cost and spending.

Current system is too expensive to maintain.

Huge spending in training new systems and platforms.

Operation Inefficiency?

Unable to accomodate user requirements in current system.

Difficulties in hardware expansion on non cloud based systems.

Bottleneck on current system's roadmap to cater for technology evolution.

NIS can help you solve your business problems

NIS Network Management Solution

Spend less to achieve better network efficiency.

Streamline end-to-end processes for ingesting, reporting and analyzing data.

Having great insight of your complex networks.

Real-time data driven decision and operation actions.

Latest technology and platform on real-time big data analytics.

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